The decision to purchase a property is a very important decision and because you are trying to find a choice that meets all your needs such as space, location and price, this makes this decision not simple, and although real estate owners only care about the points we mentioned to choose but there are some important things forgotten by many realtors Which affect an important part of our lives, and because we are excited about the idea of ​​buying a new property in Turkey, we forget to make sure about some  things  which are very important in our properties,

Everyone who wants to buy a property in Turkey should remember to use both logic and emotion together while looking for the right property for them and to make sure that all the problems of the property can be solved. If there is no solution, they must reconsider their choices.

7 things to check before  purchase your home in Turkey:

1- Sunlight

You may visit an apartment in the city center with fantastic views and charming nature lighting, but this does not mean that the sun goes to the apartment at all times of the day, so you should make sure that the sunlight covers your apartment at all times of the day.

Perhaps you do not need the natural lighting in the bedroom, but the sun lighting is important to the center of the apartment (saloon) to tame life in your home and this is also important on the psychological side of the owner of the property.

2- Receiving the telephone network (good coverage)

This is another factor that many people who are interested in purchasing in Turkey can overlook. There are many residential projects that do not have good telephone coverage for some mobile networks (depending on the telecoms companies) and many may suffer for years.

You have to walk in all the rooms of the apartment and make sure that the coverage is good for all communication networks in Turkey.

3- Water pressure

There is no arguing in the importance of water in the daily life of any person, but the quality of access to good water varies from one residential project to another. It is important to make sure that the water pressure in your future apartment is not low.

There are some residential areas in Istanbul that suffer from poor water supply services. The biggest problems of Istanbul in the past ten years have been the problems of providing usable water to Istanbul, which has been successfully solved and all areas of Istanbul have been equipped with proper water.

4-Neighbors noise and the noise of the area

I do not think anyone wants to live in noise. What distinguishes the system of residential complexes in Turkey is that there are internal laws of the residents that must be respected. The most important is not to issue any noise that disturbs your neighbors and those around you, and if no one respects these laws, there may be fines and summons. But some areas may not suffer from the noise of neighbors as much as the general noise  that can be issued from the road or the presence of laboratories and factories near it, so you must make sure that the area where the property is does not suffer from these obstacles.

5- Quality of doors and windows

Some may not care about the quality of the doors and windows of the apartment as much as they are interested in the view of the apartment and its price, they say that: “The devil lies in the details” so you must check all the details . The quality of doors and windows is one of these details and this because it protects you from heat or cold and have a direct relationship with gas bills And electricity for your apartment.

You should make sure that the doors and windows are insulating to heat and cold and that their quality is good and if they are not, you should negotiate with the company to change them even if this will cost you some additional expenses.

6- Safety and security

In Maslow’s hierarchy of basic human needs, security comes second only to human biological needs, and the home is the safest place for a person to feel safe and secure. In order to be safe and secure, you must check the security and safety rates in the property area and the crime rate.

You can use the Internet to search for this information and inspect the surrounding neighborhoods and explore.

7- Neighbors

Perhaps most of the things that can give you an idea of ​​the social level of the area in which the property is located are neighbors, and may not have any relationship with neighbors but their knowledge is something positive that supports your decision to buy, and you can ask them about the quality of the area and the services in it.

Why should you take these factors seriously?

As we have said before, the decision to buy should be rational and emotional at the same time and this is because the purchase of the property is not the same as the purchase of things that are consumed quickly, your apartment will be your companion for years and attention to the details of the property before buying may save you a lot of suffering in the coming years

It is important to take these points seriously and make sure of everything before purchasing and in doing so you will gain these advantages:

  • Psychological comfort after the purchase

  • Reduce the costs that can be incurred in repairs

  • The resale price of the property in case of investment will be high.

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