What are property management companies?

The property management company in Turkey is the company that manages the property that you have purchased in Turkey. Most of the time, the real estate company from which you purchased the property is the one providing the service. This service may include full care of the property (including arrangement, Maintenance expenses, etc.). The property management company also works to assist you in renting out your property and provide you with the investment return reports of the property.

Sometimes a property management company is an independent company and sometimes a department within a larger organization such as a real estate marketing company.

should I use property management company in Turkey?

If you own the time, skill and ability to manage your own property, this is good and you can work on it, but you should know that you will deal with many issues about rent, cleaning, arranging repairs, paying bills and other important issues. For example, a tenant who arrived from Riyadh recently and will stay in your apartment for a certain period but the bathroom is not ready, you must install and repair the bathroom at the same time, not in two or three days according to your time, but as required by the current situation and quickly. So the time you need to manage your property may not necessarily be at the times you choose and therefore will not be suitable for you. Here is exactly the importance of a property management company.

If you own a property in Turkey and use it for your holiday only, which does not exceed a few months a year and you do not intend to rent it and you think there is no purpose in dealing with the property management company, this is not a right decision. Many real estate owners in Turkey made the same mistake. The property management company will secure your property and check its safety from time to time. It will arrange for any necessary repairs to the property, pay bills, monthly returns and other property expenses, and all these services can make you feel secure, Throughout the period you are absent.

Property management companies in Turkey are the best solution to take advantage of your property and invest it for profit.

How can I choose a professional company in Turkey?

This is a very important option. There are some excellent companies that operate on property management and there are some really bad companies. If you choose a bad company, their services may be bad and you will suffer endless complaints – and demands for a refund – from tenants. Worse, you probably will not find many leasing possibilities in the first place, choosing a good company will make you satisfied with your mind and keep you from a lot of interventions.

Check the available options

There are many real estate marketing companies in Turkey that offer property management services. Consider these options well and do not forget to check whether the real estate company you dealt with in order to purchase the property in Turkey has this service. If the purchase is easy and you are happy with their service, you can rely on them in the management of your property in case of providing this service.

Check their website

Internet now is probably the most important tool in knowing the details and experiences of any company. Do these people have a good website? Do they have a good range of properties available? Are there any pictures and information to help you decide if their service is good? Is booking easy? Is there a clear contact name, address, and phone number? More importantly, what are the opinion and evaluation of past and current clients for their services?

Be the mystery shopper

Contact the companies you are interested in for details. Have you liked the way they treat customers over the phone? Do they respond to their email quickly? Would you like to lease from this company?

If yes, know that your apartment will probably be rented out and taken care of.

Visit them and get to know them more

Attend a short list of good companies and go to visit them while you are in Turkey. The cheerful and luxurious buildings are not necessarily a sign of a good property management company, but what matters is that you feel efficient on their part. Talk to them and discuss your requirements. Tell them about your property. Ask them about the number of weeks they expect to be able to rent your property. And how much do you expect to rent? How do you check tenants and make sure they keep your property safe? Make sure they put your interests in their priorities.

Take references

You are entitled to the references. Ideally, references should be people – like you – living outside Turkey because your requirements are somewhat different from the needs of local customers.