Real estate market differs from other investments in several factors, and maybe one of the most important factors is its extreme vulnerability to the economic factors of the country, as sometimes a wonderful village that values millions of real estates can become abandoned and its inhabitants are waiting for people to visit their village for days. (As happened to some of the Spanish villages following the financial crisis experienced by Spain, which affected the future of real estate over there significantly).

Since you have started to search for a real estate company that most properly going undergone a major change in your life, this may be due to increased liquidity or abundant investment opportunities; Regardless of these circumstances, time will be a problem for you and it will increases the rate of tension, especially when you start to have multiple investments options and you don’t know which option the best for your special case is!

Here comes the role of the real estate company, which must be carefully selected to achieve the best real estate investment with the lowest possible risks. In this post, we provide you with the most important factors in selecting a real estate company that guarantees you the benefit of your investment in Turkey.

Ask your acquaintances who have already dealt with a Turkish real estate company

Search your circle of acquaintances about someone who has had previously to buy a property in Turkey, ask him about the difficulties he faced in dealing with the real estate company that you are considering dealing with and their level of service. You can also search for reviews on the Internet, especially if the company owns accounts on social networking sites such as Facebook and others, where former customers often express their opinion, try to communicate with someone and tell them about your concerns. You can also ask your company about contact information with its customers, contact these customers and find out what they liked and did not like.

Visit the company personally

It would be wise to visit your real estate company yourself in Turkey, as there are a lot of them, and giving them a visit definitely worth it, talk to the sales manager, check their offers and their experiences, are they answering your questions and providing you with solutions and options related to your needs and requirements?

This visit will allow you to talk to the staff and gives you an opportunity to assess whether the company is able to make an accurate quote based on a professional vision of the real estate market in Turkey or not.
Also, your visit to the company confirms that you are serious, so they will work hard to provide you with the best options in the market.

Company experience

Make sure your chosen company has the necessary expertise, so you can think about the following

  • What is the quality and clarity of the offers offered by this company?

  • What is the size and number of projects supplied by them?

  • What type of documents do they provide?

  • How they advertise real estate? Do they have a unique reputation on social media? Do they have good partners?

  • Check out their website, is it professional? Are they providing enough information on it?

Services provided by the company

The services provided by real estate companies are vary, However, since you are looking for a professional company, you are expected to have excellent offers and competitive prices, Prices are usually determined based on factors such as location, view, area, etc. but they are often comparable.
Also, make sure you can help with the furnishing of the house and its preparation for housing and setup utilities.

After the purchase process, you should make sure that the company follows up the legal ownership procedures, and guarantee your receipt of the property as written in the contract.

The contract:

It goes without saying that the contract is the most important thing in the deal, See the terms of the contract provided by the real estate company, the contract shall specify all the important details including payment plan, floor, property number, delivery date and any other conditions.

Here are some questions you may also want to ask, which the contract may not mention:

  • How many days does a contract take?

  • Are you a real estate company, broker or consultancy?

  • Will the project be handled ready for delivery?

  • If you have a ready contract can I get a copy to revise it?

  • How many days will it take to finalize the buying process?

  • When do you think I will be able to resell or to rent the property?

Your choice of the real estate company in Turkey is very important, don’t only listen to the internet advertisements, investigate by yourself, visit the company, check the services, review their old clients’ testimonials, the more time you spend researching about that, the less future headache and better investment you will have.

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