Whether you buy property for investment or for housing or both. This is one of the most important decisions you should make and you have to think a lot before making your decision, choosing your property location determines its future value and it will affect many aspects of your personal life.

Istanbul is one of the largest cities in Turkey with more than thirty-nine residential areas with a population of more than 18 million. This makes the choice of the choosing the correct area almost impossible without a real estate broker. Istanbul is still expanding and adding new neighborhoods every year. Because of the high demand for residents by the local population or by immigrants.

Here are the most important points to consider when choosing the area in which you will buy in Istanbul:

Asia or Europe

The European part of Istanbul is quite different from the Asian part. The most important residential projects are located in the European section of Istanbul and the purchase of foreigners is often in the European part because this section contains the majority of foreigners residing in Turkey and is considered the economic pole of the city.

  • The most important feature of the properties of the European part is the diversity of real estate options in terms of size, price and characteristics in addition to the integrated transport lines, which covers and connects all areas of the section and ease of movement. This part contains most of the tourist attractions of the Ottoman capital, which makes the investment return of real estate high, and the largest projects to be held in Turkey are located in Istanbul, the third airport, etc.

  • The most important feature of the properties of the Asian part is the quality of the projects that are held in the section, which are mostly commercial buildings, especially the area of Ataşehir where is the largest financial areas in Turkey, and we can say that the residential projects of the Asian part of the city are designed for social classes above the medium and the price of a meter is somewhat high.

Infrastructure and the distance to schools and hospitals

The choice of the area of the property should be based on important data and distance to public services is one of the most important incentives to choose the residential area and must ensure the availability of public and private hospitals, schools and universities. The infrastructure of the region must be developed.

Among the recommended areas in Istanbul, which are available on new housing projects and have high quality infrastructure as well as proximity to transportation and proximity to the new airport are:

  • Bahçeşehir area

  • Beylikdüzü area

Transportation lines

Transportation in Istanbul is a part of the life of all its inhabitants, and the prices of meters for real estate change in the regions as close to the main transport links to the city center. The metro line, the Metrobus line and the bus lines are the most important means of transport for Istanbul, especially in the European side. Make sure that these transportation methods are close to your residential area:

  • Metrobus: is one of the highways in Istanbul and connects the European side with the Asian side (BEYLİKDÜZÜ – SÖĞÜTLÜÇEŞME).

  • Metro or Subway: Three main lines in the European side and one line in the Asian side. The main tourist and residential areas of the city connect Atatürk Airport, Yenikapı, Hacıosman and Başakşehir.

  • Buses and minibuses (minibuses)


Security is the second most important thing in human life according to the pyramid of Abraham Maslow especially in large cities. When your search for real estate in Istanbul, it is well established that the safety factor is available in the region and that police stations are present in the area. It is true that Istanbul is considered a safe city compared with the world tourist destinations of its size, but there are some areas where the crime rate rises, including:

  • Gaziosmanpaşa

  • Bağcılar

  • Kuştepe – Şişli

  • Esenler Karabayır

  • Beyoğlu Tarlabaşı

  • Göngören

Your budgets compatibility with the regions rates

Knowing the price of the areas provides you with a lot of effort to buy the property and narrow the search base to get the residential project that fits your budget and the area that fit your search criteria. The real estate company that deals with it is to provide a list of prices for the areas suitable for you.

The future of the region

The municipalities of Istanbul are working to develop all the regions and provide proximity projects that serve the residents of the region. As a real estate searcher, you should ask your real estate consultant about the quality of future projects in the area.

The area of Bahcesehir is famous, for example, has a lot of interest and is considered a future area with excellence, where will be the opening of a metro line up mahmutbey-bahçeşehir-esenyurt  in addition to the large projects that are held.

Finally, get to know the people of the area

The region’s static reflects the quality of the region and the quality of the static and social level gives you a comprehensive idea of the social level of the population of the region, and you can identify the static area by visiting the social facilities of the region or commercial centers.